Investao Limited, a CN-EU Cross-border AM Expert

InvesTAO Overview

Founded in 2018, InvesTAO is a specialist independent placement agent and investment advisory boutique operating in China and Europe, dedicated to raising capital for a distinguished group of asset managers in both Chinese and EMEA markets.

With an experienced team of professionals and offices in London, Shanghai and Zurich, InvesTAO provides cross-market distribution and accessibility to an extensive network of institutional investors.

InvesTAO is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

InvesTAO’s main services:

  1. Introduce Chinese asset managers to European institutional investors, across phases of pre-marketing, fundraising, and the duration of the investment;
  2. Connect overseas asset managers with Chinese institutional investors for product distribution in mainland China;
  3. Consult private companies and government agencies on cross-border business activities, conduct research and introduce strategic deals.
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Our Mission

To promote outperforming active asset managers with a sustained track record in China and their peers overseas, and to facilitate generating a sustainable alpha for investors.

Experienced management team empowered by ESOP

The extensive buy-side experience built upon a unique network of investors, regulators and asset managers is integrated with the corporate mission with an aim at stable and reliable results.

Unique Alpha - China-themed products

InvesTAO only partners with the leading mutual and alternative fund managers and provides a unique, unbiased perspective and access to their competitive offerings.

Synergy with overseas markets

We work closely with European and Chinese investors with our strategically located representatives across the world, including London, Zurich, Brussel, Paris, Bosto and Shanghai, to discover the hidden alpha.

Rigorous and dedicated local research team

Shanghai-based manager research team adopts a rigorous manager selection process, conducting assessments ranging from qualitative reports to on-site interviews and reviews.