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We are an independent placement agent and advisory firm dedicated to raising capital for mutual fund and alternative asset managers and promote underlying funds in both onshore Chinese and EMEA markets.

Veteran management team in the Chinese markets

An average of more than 20 years of buyside experience in China, Europe and the US combined with a deep understanding of the Chinese market

Rigorous and dedicated local research team

Shanghai-based manager research team adopts a rigorous manager selection process, conducting assessments ranging from qualitative reports to on-site interviews and reviews.

Synergy with European institutional investors

We work closely with investors with our strategically located representatives across the world, including London, Zurich, Brussel, Paris and Boston, to discover the hidden alpha in onshore and offshore China.

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Outperforming Asset Managers

A combination of leading Chinese asset management companies that have top-tier mutual funds in terms of AUM, performance and track records of managers in reaching long-term excess returns

New Generation Hedge Funds

Discovering the hidden gems in local hedge funds which have research and investment practices fitting the European institution standards and a reasonable size of AUM

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