Realising the Alpha in China

China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world.

Napoléon Bonaparte

"Long China"

In a transition to a developed economy with stronger political and cultural power, the currently under-allocated China has great potential to see a significant increase of global institutional inflows into its financial markets. InvesTAO provides a unique unbiased perspective to western investors to understand the investment opportunities in China, and to capture such opportunities with the low-cost transparent offerings from local fund managers.

We also believe RMB will increase its significance in international financial markets, and RMB-related assets will gain its mandatory position from current status. The rise has become a mega trend in the new world economic order.

Asset allocation contributes to the majority of excess return. An abundance of outstanding managers can deliver investment results in the cycle most fit for the investment style or sector; the proper combination of strategic asset allocation and smart delivery of tactical asset allocation by outstanding managers, the investment portfolio can optimize the result within its risk budget and ESG budget.

What's next with InvesTAO


  • amongst the first few local presence in Europe for Chinese local managers“Early Birds”
  • increasing interest in Chinese assets compared to the lack of competitive products on the European marketsMassive market potentials
InvesTAO's Advantage


  • Rich buyside experience combined with a deep understanding of the Chinese market
  • Extensive experience in China, Europe and the US
  • A unique investor network and trust capital in distribution between European markets and Chinese assets
Domestic Network and Knowledge

Locally researched, unique and exclusive products from “New China” asset managers

  • Handpicking top-performing Chinese asset managers with multiple strategiesAn extensive understanding of Chinese markets and fund managersthat need more international exposure.
  • Adoptng the Manager of Managers methodology on behalf of European institutional investors in the Chinese domestic market, creating a sustainable Alpha
  • A dedicated Shanghai research team to perform detailed assessments which range from qualitative reports to on-site reviews and face-to-face interviews
Connection with Global Investment Flows

Synergy with European institutional investors

  • Working with institutions including family offices, pension funds, insurance, sovereign wealth fundscovering the UK, France, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, and the Benelux region
  • Aiming to meet our investors’ demand with tailored solutions exploring both primary and secondary markets, onshore or offshore China with InvesTAO's deep synergy with investors
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